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Rollercoaster Facts
Zoomerang Facts

Also known as a "Boomerang" this is one of more than three dozen of these coasters found around the globe.

This was the first model in the world to run with Vekoma designed trains. Early ones used rolling stock designed by Arrow-Huss.

This roller coaster is called a "Shuttle Coaster" because the track does not form a complete circuit and therefore the train must travel both forwards and backwards.

Zoomerang inverts riders a total of six times but there are only three inverting features on the track.

Ride Specs
Height: 125 feet
Max drop: 125 feet
G-force: 5.2 G's
Top speed: 48 mph
Length: 875 feet
Inversions: 6

Ride Maker
Vekoma International

Full Coaster Stats

Ride Location
Lake Compounce

Photos by Eric Gieszl and Elvie Gieszl. copyright © 1999 Ultimate Rollercoaster.