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Wildfire Album

Images of the Wildfire roller coaster at Silver Dollar City.
Train in Wildfire cobra roll inversion
Wildfire 1
Wildfire roller coaster banked turn thumbnail
Wildfire 2
Wildfire looping roller coaster thumbnail
Wildfire 3
Rollercoaster Facts
Wildfire Facts

With a $14-million price tag Wildfire was to date the park's most expensive attraction.

The name is based on a story about an 1880s Ozard inventor, Dr. Haratio Harris, whom tried to create a machine to fly across the Ozark Mountains. Wildfire refers to the fuel he developed for his flying contraption.

Ride Specs
Height: 155 feet
Max drop: 155 feet
G-force: 3.6 G's
Top speed: 66 mph
Length: 3,073 feet
Inversions: 5

Ride Maker
Bolliger & Mabillard

Full Coaster Stats

Ride Location
Silver Dollar City

Wildfire images taken by Eric Gieszl. © 2012®