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Rollercoaster Facts
Incredible Hulk Coaster Facts

Incredible Hulk Coaster begins in the Gamma Ray Booster, an enclosed lift hill, that launches each train from zero to 40 miles-per-hour in just two seconds!

Riders must endure seven stomach churning inversions, including a zero G-roll, cobra roll, two vertical loops, and two barrel rolls.

Universal themed this roller coaster after the popular Marvel comic book character – The Incredible Hulk.

Ride Specs
Height: 110 feet
Max drop: 105 feet
G-force: 4 G's
Top speed: 67 mph
Length: 3,700 feet
Inversions: 7

Ride Maker
Bolliger & Mabillard

Full Coaster Stats
Incredible Hulk Coaster

Ride Location
Universal's Islands of Adventure

Incredible Hulk photos by Eric Gieszl. Copyright © 1999 Ultimate Rollercoaster.