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Rollercoaster Facts
Giant Dipper Facts

Opened in 1924 the Giant Dipper is one of a few seaside wooden coasters remaining in the United States

Giant Dipper was constructed in just 47 days at a cost of only $50,000!

In 1987 the Giant Dipper was recognized by the US National Park Service and designated a National Historic Landmark.

The Boardwalk celebrated the Giant Dipper's 75th anniversary with a year-long celebration in 1999.

Ride Specs
Height: 70 feet
Max drop: 65 feet
Descent angle: 45°
Top speed: 55 mph
Length: 2,640 feet

Ride Maker
Arthur Looff, Prior & Church

Full Coaster Stats
Giant Dipper

Ride Location
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Giant Dipper artwork from a photograph taken by Mike Phillips.
Giant Dipper photos by Mike Phillips. © 1998 Ultimate Rollercoaster.