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Rollercoaster Facts
Coney Island Cyclone Facts

The Cyclone opened on June 26, 1927 and is one of the world's oldest roller coasters.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2002, The Cyclone roller coaster is without a doubt, one of the world's most famous roller coasters.

Built for an initial investment of $100,000, when The Cyclone opened a single ride was only 25 cents, and 35 cents on Sundays.

Ride Specs
Height: 85 feet
Max drop: 85 feet
Descent angle: 58.6°
Top speed: 60 mph
Length: 2,640 feet

Ride Maker
Vernon Keenan, Harry C. Baker

Full Coaster Stats
Coney Island Cyclone

Ride Location
Luna Park

Cyclone photos by Elvie Gieszl. © 1998 Ultimate Rollercoaster.