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Images of the Boomerang roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm.

Vertical Loop
Boomerang 1
Boomerang Inversion
Boomerang 2
Rollercoaster Facts
Boomerang Facts

Knott's Boomerang roller coaster sends riders upside down six times in just over one minute.

The Boomerang is called a shuttle coaster because the train travels both forwards and backwards during the ride cycle.

Ride Specs
Height: 125 feet
Max drop: 125 feet
G-force: 5.2 G's
Top speed: 48 mph
Length: 875 feet
Inversions: 6

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Ride Location
Knott's Berry Farm

Photos by Eric Gieszl. Copyright © 2002 Ultimate Rollercoaster.
Boomerang logo courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm. All rights reserved.