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Six Flags Astroworld

Houston, Texas

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Six Flags AstroWorld closed forever on October 30, 2005. The theme park operated for 37 years until Six Flags made the decision in the summer of 2005 to close the park due to rising real estate prices. After the closure, the theme park was slowly taken apart piece-by-piece well into 2006 with many of the park's rides relocated to other Six Flags properties where they continue to operate today.

For more park information, see Six Flags Astroworld

Past & Non-Operational Roller Coasters**

Serpent 1969 Steel Arrow Dynamics
Texas Cyclone 1976 Wood William Cobb
Greezed Lightnin' 1978 Steel Schwarzkopf
XLR-8 1984 Steel Arrow Dynamics
Batman The Escape 1986 Steel Intamin AG
Ultra Twister 1987 Steel Togo
Viper 1989 Steel Schwarzkopf
Mayan Mindbender 1995 Steel Vekoma
Serial Thriller 1999 Steel Vekoma

** Please note, past and non-operational listings on Where to Coast™ may be incomplete.

Park Location

9001 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77054 – United States
Telephone: (713) 799-1234

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