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Hershey, Pennsylvania

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Editor's Pick – Hersheypark is a 110-acre theme park with more than 60 rides and attractions. Opened in 1907 by Milton S. Hershey founder of the Hershey's chocolate bar, the park began as a picnic and pleasure grounds for his employees. Today, the theme park attractions include 11 roller coasters, 6 water rides and more than 24 kiddie rides. Roller coaster fans will especially enjoy the high energy thrills of Hersheypark's Fahrenheit, Storm Runner and Lightning Racer roller coasters.

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Hersheypark Roller Coasters

Roller Coaster Year Track Designer
Candymonium 2020 Steel Bolliger & Mabillard
Laff Trakk 2015 Steel Maurer Söhne
Cocoa Cruiser 2014 Steel Zamperla
Skyrush 2012 Steel Intamin AG
Fahrenheit 2008 Steel Intamin AG
Storm Runner 2004 Steel Intamin AG
Lightning Racer 2000 Wood Great Coasters International
Wild Mouse 1999 Steel Mack
Great Bear 1998 Steel Bolliger & Mabillard
Wildcat 1996 Wood Great Coasters International
Sidewinder 1991 Steel Vekoma International
Sooperdooperlooper 1977 Steel Anton Schwarzkopf
Trailblazer 1974 Steel Arrow Dynamics
Comet 1946 Wood Herb Schmeck, PTC
Where to Coast Map*

* Where to Coast™ map is a beta feature so not all of the park's roller coasters may be shown.

Past & Non-Operational Roller Coasters**

Roller Soaker 2002 Steel Setpoint

** Please note, past and non-operational listings on Where to Coast™ may be incomplete.

Park Location

100 Hershey Park Dr, Hershey, PA 17033 – United States
Telephone: (800) 437-7439

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