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Six Flags St. Louis

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Six Flags St. Louis' family roller coaster, Pandemonium, delivers a one-of-a-kind experience and thrill with each ride, much like the ride's namesake and skateboarding icon himself. This spinning twister designed by Gerstlauer features individual four-passenger cars that spin uncontrolled throughout the circuit. Each ride on the Pandemonium roller coaster is different as the cars spin and twist while grinding over the drops, turns and lifts of the 1,351-feet of steel track. On board you'll experience the sensation of making multiple 360-degree rotations while in the air.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2007 Steel Spinning Twister Gerstlauer

Roller Coaster Stats

  • Drop: 27 feet
  • Height: 53 feet
  • Length: 1,351 feet
  • Trains: 8 - 4 passenger
  • Ride Time: 1 minute, 51 seconds
  • Top Speed: 31 mph

Pandemonium Facts & History

Individual cars have two rows facing each other.

2011 – Tony Hawk's Big Spin renamed Pandemonium.

Opening date: April 21, 2007

Individual car has two rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Ride capacity: 1,400 passengers per hour

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 42 inches tall with an adult or 47 inches to ride alone

Where to Coast

Visit Six Flags St. Louis to ride this roller coaster.

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