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Wicked Twister Fact Sheet

Just The Facts: All you need to know about Wicked Twister – Cedar Point's 15th roller coaster

Sandusky, OH — It's the news you have been waiting for. The latest addition to Cedar Point amusement park/resort's incredible array of record-shattering roller coasters, Wicked Twister, will make its worldwide debut in May of 2002. Until then, here is the 4-1-1 on the first "double-twisting" impulse roller coaster ever built!

Looming 215 feet above the coast of Lake Erie, this steel giant will be the 15th roller coaster at Cedar Point - still more than any other park on the planet. Riders will sit two abreast in specially designed seats suspended from the track above. Once secured in the vehicle, Wicked Twister will use a linear induction motor (LIM) to launch its passengers forward out of the station and up a 90-degree twisting steel tower. As the train slows near the top of the U-shaped track, guests will experience pure "airtime" - that feeling of floating in air - before streaking back down the structure and into the station. There, riders will be launched backward up another 90-degree twisting tower, again providing maximum "airtime" with a view of the midway spiraling below. The train will race up and down the towers a total of five times (three forward and twice backward) reaching a top speed of 72 mph! But that's not all. Both towers of the sunburst yellow track twist an outrageous 450 degrees, providing one of the most unusual ride experiences ever!

With the addition of Wicked Twister, Cedar Point continues its world record of having the most rides (68) and roller coasters (15) on planet Earth.


Height of Track: 215 feet
Length of Drop: 206 feet
Track Length: 2,700 feet (total ride length)
Angle of Track: 90 degrees
Angle of Twist: 450 degrees
Top Speed: 72 mph


Model: Double-twisting impulse coaster
Structure: Steel tubular track
Features: Two 450-degree vertical twists, Linear induction motor (LIM)
Color Scheme: Teal columns, Sunburst yellow track


Speed: First launch (forward) - approximately 50 mph
Second launch (backward) - approximately 63 mph
Third launch (forward) - approximately 69 mph
Fourth launch (backward) - approximately 72 mph
Fifth launch (forward) - approximately 62 mph
Capacity: Approximately 1,000 riders per hour


Coaches: Eight four-passenger coaches, One 32-passenger train
Design: Steel coaches with individual shoulder restraint and restraining belt
Color: Dark blue frame, Magenta seats and wheel covers, Yellow shoulder restraints


$9 million (part of the $13 million improvement package for the 2002 season)


Intamin of Switzerland

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