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Titan Roller Coaster Logo


Six Flags Over Texas

This year thrill seekers in the Lone Star state will have to answer to a powerful Greek god when they visit their home park Six Flags Over Texas. To celebrate the park's 40th anniversary Six Flags will unveil Titan, a steel roller coaster designed to resemble a god of enormous size, strength and power.

Titan ArtworkTitan a fitting title for a hypercoaster obtained its name from Greek Mythology. During a period of lawlessness prior to the rise of Olympians twelve Greek gods of enormous size, strength and power ruled the earth with absolute force. These amazing gods were known as Titans.

Titan Rendering 1When Titan opens this spring guests will be faced with the power, strength and size of this god of state-of-the-art steel roller coasters. Standing over twenty-five stories, stretching over a mile in length and with speeds approaching 85 mph...Titan will live up to its reputation.

After a quick climb up the lift hill the ride starts with a stomach wrenching 255-foot drop, tied for the third tallest in the world. Even the brave will quiver to the size of this drop into a 120-foot dark tunnel far below. Thirty passengers on board one of the coaster's three trains will feel the force as the speed through at 85 mph!

Titan Rendering 2As should be expected from one of the great Greek gods, Titan does not relent after the first drop. The ride continues with a series of massive drops, airtime inducing hills and a powerful g-force twister finale. In all it's 3-minutes of thrill seeker bliss!

The second half of Titan is a series of high-speed helixes that will test your strength to handle intense, powerful G-forces. Forces of up to 4.5 G's will be sustained for several seconds as the train speeds through the series of twisted helix turns. It's a fitting finale for an amazing roller coaster before pulling into brake run.

Titan Rendering 3The time is right to make your plans to head to Texas to celebrate with Six Flags as they unveil the god of all roller coasters, Titan. A welcome gift for the park's 40th!

Ready to challenge the god of roller coasters...who isn't. Make this your year to venture to Six Flags Over Texas to challenge Titan. A thrilling gift in celebration of significant milestone the park's 40th anniversary.

Roller Coaster Facts
Titan Facts

Type of Coaster:

Height: 245 feet
First Drop: 255 feet
Top Speed: 85 mph
Length: 5,280 feet
First Descent: 65 degrees

Additional Features:
120-foot Tunnel, Camelback, Helix

Number of Trains:
3 - 30 passenger

Hourly Capacity:
1,600 passengers

Opening Date:
April 2001

Coaster Designer:
Giovanola of Switzerland

Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas

Additional Information
Official Press Release

Titan Artist Rendering

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