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V2 Vertical Velocity Logo

V2 Vertical Velocity

Six Flags Marine World
Six Flags Great America

Last season a little known roller coaster overshadowed by the record-breaking announcements of 2000 opened at the new Six Flags Ohio theme park. Little was known about this new type of roller coaster that was dubbed Superman The Escape.

Vertical Velocity Rollercoaster Six Flags

But all changed when Thrillseekers were unleashed to try out the newly opened coaster. Suddenly Superman The Escape became the sleeper hit and rocketed to the top of many enthusiasts lists. In fact the "Impulse" coaster earned the honor of being called "one of the world's top 25 roller coasters" by Amusement Today magazine last year.

After last seasons surprise introduction it is no surprise to see the return of the "Impulse" coaster at more parks this season. Local thrillseekers in Northern California and Illinois are celebrating and thankful to have their local parks become the new home to this incredible roller coaster.

Dubbed V2 for Vertical Velocity to the second power, thrill seekers in the mid-west at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois and out west at Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California will get their shot to try out the speed and thrills generated by Vertical Velocity.

Vertical Velocity Impulse Coaster

V2 challenges conventional thrills by boldly going higher and faster. Developed by NASA, V2 uses state-of-the-art Linear Induction Motors (LIM's) to power the ride and accelerate the train to 70 mph in less than four seconds! The magnetic power of the LIM's allows for a smooth acceleration and deceleration, which creates an incredible ride experience.

Suspended in a sleek 28-passenger, seven-car train, seated two-abreast. V2 shoots riders through the station forwards and backwards along 630-feet of U-shaped steel track. Once reaching maximum speed riders are powered forwards and backwards up two 185-foot vertical spikes, one spiraling and the other straight.

The term "Impulse" used to describe the coaster comes from the way the ride works. Each time the train passes through the station forwards or backwards the Linear Induction Motors kick in giving the train an extra burst or "impulse" of power accelerating it faster and higher.

Vertical Velocity Six Flags Theme Parks

Seated with your legs suspended from the train the ride begins with quick launch forwards up into the vertical spiral. Without enough speed to reach the top, gravity reverses the train where it descends backwards into the station to receive another impulse of energy launching it backwards up the straight vertical spike on the opposite end.

The train again returns to the station where it is powered once again, hitting 70 mph just before climbing forwards up and twisting round the spiral spike reaching the peak at 185-feet!

Reversing directions the train free-falls, backwards twisting while you face the sky screaming. Returning to the station the one more impulse of LIM power once kicks in firing the train backwards up the 185-foot vertical spike on the opposite end. But don't look down cause this time with you facing straight down with nothing but a view of the ground below!

Descending the spike the train returns to the station where the LIM's begin to kick in to slowing the train as it passes through twice more before coming to a complete stop to unload.

It is an absolute blast and a must ride for any coaster enthusiast. So this summer get with the program and find out for yourself why V2 is called one of the best roller coasters in the world.

Roller Coaster Facts
Vertical Velocity Facts

Type of Coaster:
Suspended Spiraling Impulse

Height: 185 feet
Top Speed: 70 mph
Track Length: 630 feet
Ride Length: 2,700 feet

Additional Features:

Number of Trains:
1 - 28 passenger

Hourly Capacity:
900 passengers

Opening Date:
May 2001

Coaster Designer:

Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, Illinois

Six Flags Marine World
Vallejo, California

Additional Information

Press Releases:
Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Marine World

Ride Fact Sheet

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