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Paramount's Kings Dominion Introduces HyperSonic XLC

Richmond, VA -- Paramount's Kings Dominion has announced HyperSonic XLC, the world's first air-launched roller coaster will debut at the park in Spring 2001. The park's eleventh roller coaster, HyperSonic XLC will utilize compressed air to launch riders from 0-80 miles-per-hour in just 1.8 seconds! Industry experts have described the new air-launched coaster as the thrill ride of the new millennium.

The countdown begins as a series of colored lights indicate that the ride is about to begin. Just like a professional drag race, the column of lights signals red...yellow... ...GREEN! Compressed air is then released and the coaster is launched from 0-80 miles-per-hour in just 1.8 seconds. Riders immediately ascend the 165 foot-tall, vertical tower at a dramatic 90-degree angle. Then it's over the top as riders descend the tower at the opposite 90-degree angle - straight down! /p>

"HyperSonic XLC offers a completely unique coaster experience and unprecedented acceleration. Zero to 80-miles-per-hour in 1.8 seconds is unheard of! Imagine putting the pedal to the metal in a top fuel dragster, that's what the launch of HyperSonic XLC will feel like" said Richard Zimmerman, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Paramount's Kings Dominion.

The unique compressed air propulsion system was designed by S&S Power of Logan, Utah. The ride will be located in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park.

With the introduction of HyperSonic XLC, Paramount's Kings Dominion is home to and amazing collection of 11 world-class roller coasters, boasting more roller coasters than any other theme park on the East Coast. Other roller coasters at Paramount's Kings Dominion are Volcano, The Blast Coaster, Rebel Yell, Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster, Grizzly, Shockwave, Avalanche, Anaconda, Hurler, The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, and Taxi Jam.

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