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Cornball Express

Indiana Beach

Cornball Express Roller Coaster LogoScott & Carol Holmes
Contributing Writers

In 1993 Custom Coasters International came to Indiana Beach to build the companies first wooden roller coaster with a steel structure. The new coaster would be 3,000-feet long and 97-feet high.

During the naming process a suggestion of calling it Cornball Express was tossed around. Unfortunately, it didn't fit since the name did not live up to the size of the new coaster, so it was instead dubbed the Hoosier Hurricane.

This past fall Custom Coasters returned to Indiana Beach to build a second wooden coaster for the park. The park once again began to search for a name and "Cornball Express" again became one of the many suggestions. Fortunately, this time the name seemed to better suited for the new "family coaster" and so in November 2000, the new wooden coaster Cornball Express was announced.

Cornball Express Roller Coaster
Cornball Express helix under construction at Indiana Beach. See more construction photos.
Although labeled a family coaster, Cornball Express will offer a very unique ride experience. Build in what many would consider an impossible location, in the middle of its father the Hoosier Hurricane. Cornball Express will feature a series of good drops, tight turns, bunny hops and an exciting helix.

The ride begins heading south out of the station, dropping under the Hoosier Hurricane's lift hill and then curves left 80-degrees. Ascending the 58-foot lift hill riders will oppose the 97-foot lift of its father. The first drop twists to the left and dives back over the Hoosier Hurricane. Curving left, the second hill should over some good airtime.

The third hill on Cornball Express climbs over a building, curves left and hugs tight as it rounds the Tig'rr roller coaster, a classic Schwarzkopf Jet Star. The third drop will again have riders out of their seats as the train skims across Lake Shafer.

The fourth hill offers something unique. It climbs into the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane's "S" curve lift hill and follows along the sharp curve.

Exiting the structure, riders will dive under the coaster's brake run and fly by the children's rides and train station into a clockwise helix. Leaving the helix the ride concludes with two excellent bunny hops, which promise to deliver some outstanding airtime before the train enters the brake run.

Indiana Beach on Lake Shafer is Indiana's largest amusement resort and vacation playground. With the addition of Cornball Express, Indian Beach will be home to two outstanding wooden coasters. This summer travel plans take you to Indiana be sure to stop by so you don't miss a chance to ride the Cornball Express.

Roller Coaster Facts
Cornball Express Facts

Type of Coaster:
Family Wooden Coaster

Height: 58 feet
First Drop: 78 feet
Top Speed: 46 mph
Length: 2,100 feet

Additional Features:
Steel Structure

Number of Trains:
1 - 24-passenger PTC Train, Yellow with Black Trim

Opening Date:
May 2001

Coaster Designer:
Custom Coasters

Indiana Beach
Moticello, Indiana

Additional Information

Cornball Express Announcement

Construction Photos

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