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Son of Beast Fact Sheet



Hyper Wooden Terrain Looping Twister

Ride Description

Son of Beast is a world-record breaking roller coaster that elevates the classic wood coaster experience to a new level and introduces an evolutionary concept, a 103-ft. loop. No other wooden roller coaster in the world features a loop. In addition, the Son of Beast represents the largest single investment in the history of Paramount's Kings Island and tops off a two-year $40 million capital expansion program at the 364-acre theme park.

The Legend The Son of Beast roller coaster is named after its legendary predecessor, The Beast®. Built in 1979, The Beast is one of Paramount's Kings Island signature attractions. To this day, The Beast is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest wooden roller coaster and was recently ranked in USA Today as the #1 classic coaster of all time. Roller coaster enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Paramount's Kings Island to experience The Beast firsthand. The Son of Beast will be taller and faster than The Beast and will be the only wooden roller coaster in the world to feature a loop.

Son of Beast World-Records

Tallest wooden roller coaster (218 feet)
Tallest wooden roller coaster drop (214 feet)
Fastest wooden roller coaster (78 m.p.h.)
The only looping wooden roller coaster in the world.
The most wooden roller coaster (22,612')

Development Team

Roller Coaster Corporation of America - Design and Construction
Werner Stengel - Designer
Premier Rides - Train Design and Manufacturer
Paramount's Kings Island - Construction

Ride Statistics

First Drop out of Station: 51.27-ft.

Height of First Lift Hill: 218-ft. structure at its highest point
(Tallest wooden roller coaster structure ever made.)

Drop on First Lift Hill: 214.01-ft. drop at a 55.7-degree angle
(The tallest wooden roller coaster drop in the world.)

Second Drop: 164.11-ft. at a 43.4-degree angle
(The second tallest wooden roller coaster drop in the world.)

Third Drop: 149.97-ft. at a 37.3-degree angle

Maximum Speed: 78.382 m.p.h.
(World's fastest wooden roller coaster.)

Maximum G-Force: 4.46 Gs

Track Length: 7,032 feet (1.3 miles)
(The second longest wooden roller coaster in the world. The Beast is the longest.)

Ride Time: Approximately 3 minutes

Helices: Two 540-degree helices, one curving left and one curving right; both with hills and valleys incorporated into the helix.

Maximum Banking Of Helices: 68.9 degrees

Height of Loop Structure: 118 feet

Height of Loop Track: 103 feet

Structure of Track: All-wooden coaster track throughout the entire course of the ride. Track is constructed of eight layers of wood with steel plates bolted on top and bottom.

Structure of Loop: Steel superstructure supports the loop. Loop track is made of wood.

Trains: Three trains, with six cars each, holding a total of 36 riders per train.

Basic Materials: Southern Yellow Pine lumber structure. Douglas Fir is used on the top of the track piles. A total of more than 1.65 million board feet of timber (that's more than 312 miles!).

Area Covered: 12 hilly acres

Opening Date: April 2000

Hourly Capacity: 1,600 guests

Location: Paramount's Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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