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Kings Island

Twenty years ago the folks at Kings Island surprised the industry and earned the praise of coaster enthusiasts after they introduced a wooden coaster, that was quickly written into history as one of the greatest thrill rides of all times.

Son Of Beast Roller Coaster Kings IslandTwo decades later, the park is again attempting to repeat history with Son of Beast, a sequel to the original wooden monster, The Beast, that garnished so much attention. Dubbed the tallest, fastest and only looping wooden coaster in the world, Paramount's Kings Island has once again got coaster fans buzzing with anticipation.

With the coming millennium Paramount's Kings Island wanted to build a ride that would live up to the hype of the new millennium. Based on the announcement Son of Beast will be all that and more.

Son Of Beast, Roller Coaster The massive wooden structure of more than 12 million board feet will spread across 12 acres of land and is the largest project in park history. Defying what some have said cannot be done. Son of Beast will break nearly every wooden coaster record. Reaching a height of 22-stories, a top cruising speed of 78 mph and thrilling riders with the only vertical loop on a wooden coaster, Son of Beast will likely be a huge a success.

Appropriately named a hyper wooden terrain-looping twister, Son of Beast will incorporate nearly every possible element on a wooden coaster. Spanning 7,000 feet, the ride will earn the title the world's second longest wooden coaster. Allowing it's legendary predecessor, The Beast, to retain the world record.

One of the highlights of the ride will be two 540-degree helices, banked at up to 67 degrees! If the laterals from the helices were not enough, Son of Beast will pull a maximum G-force of 4.46 G's! Enough to numb the toughest thrillseeker.

But with all the anticipation building coaster fans are going to have to hold tight, because this wooden monster will not come to life until April. But when it does, this is going to be one sequel that is sure to be better than the first.

Ride Statistics

Type of Coaster:
Hyper Terrain Looping Wooden Twister

Height: 218 feet
Maximum drop: 214 feet
Decent: 55.7 degrees
Top speed: 78.3 mph
Inversions: 1
Track length: 7,032 feet
Ride time: 3 minutes

Other Features:
2 540-degree Helixes, 118-foot Vertical Loop

Number of Trains:
3 - 36 Passenger

Opening Date:
April 2000

Coaster Designer:
Werner Stengel and RCCA

Train Designer:
Premier Rides, Inc.

Paramount's Kings Island
Cinncinati, Ohio

Additional Information:
Construction Photos

Official Press Release

Ride Fact Sheet

Son of Beast Layout

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