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Fast, Fun, Fearful Facts About Millennium Force

Sandusky, Ohio -- July 22, 1999 -- Caution...before reading...please be seated, secure all loose articles, fasten your seat belt and hold on tight for the ride of your life ... and the ride of the millennium!

Cedar Point amusement park/resort will wow thrill-riders when it debuts Millennium Force, the tallest and fastest roller coaster on planet Earth for its 2000 season! This 310-foot-tall, 92-mph steel "giga-coaster" will be Cedar Point's 14th roller coaster - more than anywhere else in the world -- and will shatter an astounding 10 world records! Want to impress your friends with a few fast facts about this new monster of a superthriller?
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At a skyscraping 310 feet tall, Millennium Force will be taller than the Statue of Liberty (305 feet tall) and taller than the Capitol Building in Washington, DC (287 feet tall)!! Yikes!

If you stacked 744 cans of Pepsi -- one by one -- on top of one another, you would have the soaring 310-foot height of Millennium Force.

At 92 mph, Millennium Force will break the legal speed limit of 65 mph (in most states) by a whopping 27 mph!

More than 400 steel support columns will be used to build the mighty Millennium Force.

Consider this: Millennium Force's first drop is angled at a daring 80 degrees, which is only 10 degrees off from being STRAIGHT DOWN!

When Cedar Point introduced the world-renowned Magnum XL-200 roller coaster in 1989 it was the first coaster to break the 200-foot-high barrier. In 2000, Cedar Point will again set new standards in scream machine height as Millennium Force will be the first roller coaster in the world to tower above 300 feet!

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