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Millennium Force Roller Coaster Logo

Millennium Force

Cedar Point

The coming of the new millennium is an exciting time in the world. For thrill-seekers the millennium will signal the start of a new era in coaster history.

Failing to disappoint, a popular amusement park known for its coaster collection is set to push the design limits, changing the standard for what all roller coasters will be measured.

Cedar Point Millennium Force ArtworkIn May 2000, Cedar Point amusement park will proudly unveil their largest project in park history, Millennium Force. Standing 310-feet tall Millennium Force is expected to test the adrenaline levels of the most daring coaster junkies. It is also expected to turn away a few as well.

Millennium Force will begin with the climb up what will be an impressive lift hill, standing the equivalent of a 31-story building. Instead of using a traditional chain lift, the engineers have designed a prototype elevator cable system to pull the 36-passenger trains up the 310-foot hill.

The initial plunge of 300-feet at an amazing, 80-degree, near vertical angle is certainly going to leave a few riders queasy and screaming in terror. The drop is going to be nothing less than awesome, as the trains accelerate to a dizzying speed of 92 mph!

Riders who survive the first plunge, which some many not, will continue to be thrilled with a series of exciting elements.

Millennium Force will feature another first, two 122-degree over-banked turns. While not listed as an inversion, these high-speed turns will be the next closest thing. Also, the Force will feature two underground tunnels and a series of hills that are likely to produce some negative G's or "airtime".

Millennium Force Roller Coaster Car Designed to look great and to deliver a fantastic ride, Millennium Force will use three custom designed stainless steel trains. The trains will seat a total of thirty-six, in nine four-passenger cars.

Millennium Force Rollercoaster CarEach of the nine individual cars will be designed with the first ever "stadium-style" seating for a coaster train. The new seating will give everyone including the passengers in the rear an unobstructed view.

When Millennium Force opens next May it will mark the completion of the largest project in Cedar Point history. The massive steel structure and nearly 7,000 feet of track will cover 13-acres. Cedar Point will also earn the rights to claim nearly ten additional world records as a result of the Force.

For Cedar Point fans and roller coaster enthusiasts this is going to be one of the longest off-seasons. And with anticipation building for the opening of Millennium Force, I hope to see you in line on opening day. But only if you can handle it.

Ride Statistics

Type of Coaster:

Height: 310 feet
First drop: 300 feet
Descent angle: 80 degrees
Second Hill: 169 feet
Third Hill: 182 feet
Top speed: 92 mph
Track length: 6,595 feet

Other Features: Out and back layout, 122-degree overbanked turns, Two tunnels

Number of Trains:
3 - 36 Passenger

Opening Date:
May 2000

Coaster Designer:
Intamin AG

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio

Additional Information:
Official Press Release

Ride Fact Sheet

Fast, Fun, Fearful Facts

Height Comparison Chart

Millennium Force Layout

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