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Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld San Diego

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This is a combination of a water flume ride and a steel roller coaster. Journey to Atlantis begins with the water flume portion that includes several splashdown drops. Halfway through the ride, the cars are taken out of the water via an elevator-style lift and join with a steel roller coaster track. The roller coaster portion of Journey to Atlantis concludes with the cars sailing back into the water flume for a soaking finale. Its sister attraction at SeaWorld Orlando includes several interior show scenes that were substituted in this installation by a longer roller coaster ride. It's a fun ride, but beware you may get off soaked!

Roller Coaster Stats

Year Track Type Designer
2004 Steel Water Coaster Mack
  • Height
  • Drop
  • Top Speed
    miles per hour
  • G-force
  • Ride Time
    5 minutes. 25 seconds
    minutes : seconds
  • Ride Capacity
    riders per hour

Journey to Atlantis Facts & History

Opening date: May 29, 2004

Individual car has four rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 42 inches tall

Where to Coast

Visit SeaWorld San Diego to ride this roller coaster.

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