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HyperSonic XLC

Kings Dominion

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This attraction was removed after the 2007 season. HyperSonic XLC was the world's first compressed-air launch coaster. Unique acceleration, zero gravity airtime and free-fall sensations combined to make HyperSonic a one-of-a-kind roller coaster experience. Pneumatic tires and specially designed shock absorbers provided an unbelievably smooth ride.

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Roller Coaster Stats

Year Track Type Designer
2001 Steel Out and Back S&S Power
  • Height
  • Drop
  • Angle Of Descent
  • Length
  • Top Speed
    miles per hour
  • Launch
    Compressed Air
  • Number Of Trains
    3 - 8 passenger

HyperSonic XLC Facts & History

Launch: zero to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds

Trains use pneumatic tires

2002 - Trains modified to improve ride reliability

2007 - Closed and removed at the end of the season

Estimated cost: $15 million

Train has four cars with one row each, seating two abreast per row.

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 54 inches tall

Where to Coast

Visit Kings Dominion to ride this roller coaster.

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