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Fluch von Novgorod


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Translated the name of this Hansa-Park roller coaster means Curse of Novgorod, referring to the Russian city– Novgorod.

Fluch von Novgorod begins with an enclosed dark ride section that leads to the enclosed launch track. After the launch the roller coaster travels outdoors before going back inside for the finale. Fluch von Novgorod's detailed story theme is told in the queue, on the ride itself, and in a maze that riders must enter after leaving the ride station.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2009 Steel Launched Euro-Fighter Gerstlauer

Roller Coaster Stats

  • Angle Of Descent: 97°
  • Height: 131 feet
  • Inversions: 1
  • Launch: LSM
  • Length: 2,297 feet
  • Top Speed: 62 mph
  • Train Mfg: Gerstlauer

Fluch von Novgorod Facts & History

Launch: Zero to 62.1 mph in 1.4 seconds

Inversion: Heartline Roll

Opening date: April 9, 2009

Train has two cars with one row each, seating four abreast per row.

Ride capacity: 900 passengers per hour

Where to Coast

Visit Hansa-Park to ride this roller coaster.

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