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Cheetah Hunt

Busch Gardens Tampa

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Arguably one of the most underrated roller coasters in the world. Cheetah Hunt is a triple launch, looping steel coaster, and the longest roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa. This nearly 4,500-foot long ride takes advantage of the park's terrain and massive expanse. Riders are launched out of the station to rise into a 270-degree banked turn that descends into a ravine where a second booster launch accelerates the train to 60 miles-per-hour.

Climbing up towards the sky the train navigates a twisted section of track in a 102-foot tall tree, tracing what looks like the Busch Gardens logo. As you descend from the tree there's a great moment of "air-time" as you begin a long journey across the park, including a fun zig-zagging section of track through a ravine with a raging river below.

After a third booster launch riders are inverted in a heartline roll as they begin the journey back to the station. Cheetah Hunt is an overall great ride and is especially popular with younger thrill-seekers because of the 48-inch height requirement.

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Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2011 Steel Launched Terrain Intamin AG

Roller Coaster Stats

  • Drop: 130 feet
  • G-force: 4 G's
  • Height: 102 feet
  • Inversions: 1
  • Launch: LSM
  • Length: 4,429 feet
  • Trains: 5 - 16 passenger
  • Top Speed: 60 mph

Cheetah Hunt Facts & History

Inversions: Heartline Roll

Opening date: May 27, 2011

Train has four cars with two rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Ride capacity: 1,370 passengers per hour

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall

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