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Canada's Wonderland

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The 15th roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland was also the tallest, fastest roller caoster in Canada when it opened. Behemoth is a B&M designed Megacoaster with a layout and elements that focus on height, speed, and everyone's favorite– air-time! There are no inversions on this massive coaster.

Behemoth was unique when it opened since it featured a prototype seating arrangement that gives an unobstructed view from every seat. The lift hill rises to a height of 230-feet (70-meters) and begins with a straight drop of 226-feet (69-meters). The top speed on this roller coaster is 77 miles per hour (124 km/h).

Roller Coaster Stats

Year Track Type Designer
2008 Steel Hypercoaster Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Height
  • Angle Of Descent
  • Length
  • Top Speed
    miles per hour
  • Ride Time
    3 minutes, 10 seconds
    minutes : seconds
  • Number Of Trains
    3 - 32 passenger

Behemoth Facts & History

Features: Eight Drops, Double Banked Flat Loops

First B&M roller coaster to use this narrow profile train with seating in two rows in a V-shape layout.

Opening date: May 4, 2008

Estimated cost: $26 million (CAD)

Train has eight cars with two rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 54 inches tall

Where to Coast

Visit Canada's Wonderland to ride this roller coaster.

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