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ArieForce One

Fun Spot America Atlanta

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Fun Spot America beefs up its ride lineup with this new flagship attraction– ArieForce One. Designed by Joe Draves and manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction using the company's i-box track this exciting new roller coaster features aggressive elements including the largest zero-G stall in America with nearly four seconds of floating airtime. Other first-of-its-kind elements include the raven truss dive and a zero-G roll over Fun Spot's arcade. ArieForce One delivers 100 seconds of pure fun starting with a 146-foot drop at an 83-degree angle, 16 airtime moments, 4 inverting elements, and an adrenaline-pumping top speed of 64 miles per hour. This is one of the most anticipated new roller coasters for 2023!

Roller Coaster Stats

Year Track Type Designer
2023 Multielement I-Box Rocky Mountain Construction
  • Height
  • Drop
  • Angle Of Descent
  • Length
  • Top Speed
    miles per hour
  • Inversions
    upside down elements
  • G-force
  • Ride Time
    minutes : seconds
  • Number Of Trains
    2 - 20 passenger

ArieForce One Facts & History

RMC I-Box Track

Inversions: Dive Loop, Zero-G Stall, Zero-G Roll, Barrel Roll

Features: Outward Banked Airtime Hill

Opening date: March 31, 2023

Estimated cost: $13 million

Train has five cars with two rows each, seating two abreast per row.

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall

Where to Coast

Visit Fun Spot America Atlanta to ride this roller coaster.

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