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Roller Coasters

Roller coasters have been the "must ride" attraction at amusement and theme parks for more than a century. With just one look, it's obvious why they are often called "scream machines".

What began as a simple car that rolled down a hill, has evolved into an engineering marvel. Roller coasters are taller, faster and wilder than ever. The tallest is the size of a modern skyscraper. The fastest travels at nearly twice the highway speed limit.

So if they're so big and fast, intimidating and scary, then why do we ride them?

For thrill-seekers it's a love affair with the excitement a roller coaster offers. The moment we begin the first descent our body fills with adrenaline creating a thrill-seeker high.

For others, it's a scary experience. Tackling ones fears despite being scared is a challenge, that is as rewarding as it is exciting.

Whatever the reason, people love roller coasters and it's no surprise that they are the world's most popular amusement park ride.

Ultimate Rollercoaster® is about discovering the excitement of the Roller Coaster. Here you'll learn everything you want to know about them.

Start with the storied history of this thrill ride. Then answer your curiosity of what is the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster. You'll discover how they work and read reviews of a few of the world's best. And we might even inspire you to ride one or two after looking at images of some of the coolest roller coasters on the planet.

Roller Coaster History
Who invented the roller coaster? Explore the history of the roller coaster in this collection of articles.

Roller Coaster Records
Which roller coaster is the tallest, fastest and longest? Here we'll reveal the biggest and baddest ones.

Where To Coast
Browse our database with profiles and statistics on 1,587 roller coasters and 462 theme parks worldwide.

Roller Coaster Pictures
Our collection of high-quality, roller coaster images. See what these engineering marvels look like.

Roller Coaster Reviews
Featuring some of the world's best roller coasters, complete with awe-inspiring pictures.

Roller Coaster Glossary
Talk like a "Roller Coaster Expert". Here we explain the meaning for over a hundred roller coaster terms.

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