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Ultimate Rollercoaster is your Internet guide for roller coasters, theme parks, and thrill rides.

Hop on board, lower your restraint, and get ready, as we're about to teach you everything there is to know about the world's favorite theme park attraction– the roller coaster.

Manta Roller Coaster SeaWorld Orlando

Take Flight at SeaWorld Aboard Manta

Flying coaster simulates the sensation of flight by resembling a ray gliding through the ocean.
Kentucky Rumbler Roller Coaster Beech Bend

Beech Bend Park Thrills With Old Fashioned Wood

There is a lot of twisting and turning in Kentucky on the Kentucky Rumbler wooden roller coaster.
Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New England

Wooden Cyclone Becomes Wicked

Six Flags reinvents a classic by hiring Rocky Mountain Construction to transform it into a hot, new hybrid roller coaster.

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Google Map of US Theme Parks

Plan your roller coaster trip with our Theme Park Map.

Roller Coaster History

Learn the origin of the roller coaster by reading our collection of articles on Roller Coaster History.

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