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Amusement & Theme Park Guidebooks

The Cheapskate's Guide To Theme Parks
by Steve Urbanowicz
This guidebook covers 25 of the most popular theme parks in the United States for those traveling on a budget.
Birnbaum's Disneyland Resort 2007
by Birnbaum Travel Guides
This updated 2007 edition of Birnbaum's Disneyland takes readers through Walt Disney's first theme park with ease and flair. Since our guide is the only guide that's official, this book includes the most accurate and current information on prices and attractions.
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2007
by Birnbaum Travel Guides
Since our guide is the only guide that's official, this book includes the most accurate information on prices, changes, and new attractions for 2007. Highlights include the lowdown on Disney's latest attractions, including Expedition Everest, Soarin, and more.
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids, by Kids 2007
by Birnbaum Travel Guides
A guidebook for the Walt Disney World theme parks written by kids for kids. This book is perfect for children ranging in age from 8 to 14, who contribute their opinions about shopping, dining, attractions and entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort.
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Dining Guide 2007
by Birnbaum Travel Guides
The only official guidebook of the resort, the dining guide helps you plan your meals while visiting the theme parks, resorts and dining areas of Walt Disney World Resort. Birnbaum's Travel Guides provide reviews and details about the many restaurants and dining options at Walt Disney World.
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Without Kids 2007
by Birnbaum Travel Guides
Leave the kids at home and use this guidebook to plan a Walt Disney World Vacation without the youngsters. There is plenty for adults to do and see at Walt Disney World's theme parks and resorts. This official guidebook will help you plan an itinerary.
The Cheapskate's Guide To Walt Disney World: Time-Saving Techniques and the Best Values in Lodging, Food, and Shopping
by Michael Lewis, Debbi Lacey
Disney on a Dime: Money-Saving Secrets for Your Walt Disney World Vacation
by Chris Carlson
You can afford the Disney world vacation of your dreams-if you know how to save for it, save on the way to and from Orlando, and save while you're there. This book shares money-saving strategies for accumulating the necessary funds and then getting the most for the least on travel, tickets, food, resort hotels and souvenirs for the kids.
Hidden Disneyland and Beyond: Including Disney's California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags California, Knott's Berry Farm, SeaWorld
by Lisa Oppenheimer
Hidden Disneyland and Beyond shows travelers how to maximize their fun while saving time and money. In addition to the Magic Kingdom, this book explores Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags, the San Diego Zoo, and Wild Animal Park. For each of these destinations, the guide provides a wealth of little-known information and helpful hints that have been scrupulously researched by the author.
Fodor's Walt Disney World with Kids 2007
by Kim Wright Wiley
Inside this book is all the information you need to have the family vacation of a lifetime at the Orlando theme parks. Up-to-date and written with the help of more than 500 families this guide is packed with details on all the attractions at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld.
Experience the Point: Unofficial Guidebook to Cedar Point (Second Edition)
by Andrew Hyde
This is the first and only guidebook dedicated to Cedar Point amusement resort in Sandusky, OH. The book, while taking readers on a tour of the world's largest amusement park, has details on every ride, hotel and more. Though, it is much more than just a guidebook, it also presents all the facts you can dig on Cedar Point.
The Unofficial Guidebook to Paramount's Kings Island
by Charles Infosino
Paramount's Kings Island is one of the most popular amusement parks in the United States. This guidebook includes practical information on which attractions might suit you best and which ones to avoid. Detailed descriptions of the park's eight areas. Recommendations on the best places to eat, to shop, and to stay.

Roller Coaster Books

Roller Coaster: The Roller Coaster Designer Werner Stengel
by Klaus Schtzmannsky
This informative and entertaining compilation presents the numerous innovations by civil engineer Werner Stengel in color diagrams and numerous photographs.
The Golden Age of Roller Coasters (Postcard History Series)
by David W. Francis, Diane Demali Francis
With over 200 historic postcards, The Golden Age of Roller Coasters offers a nostalgic view of this truly American phenomenon. Most of the roller coasters from that golden age are gone today, but thankfully, they live on in memory, preserved in vintage postcards.
Roller Coasters: Or I Had So Much Fun, I Almost Puked
by Nick Cook
Discusses the history, physics, parts, and design of roller coasters and examines some modern examples.
The Roller Coaster Lover's Companion: A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the World's Best Coasters
by Steven J. Urbanowicz
For those who want to get the most when they coast, here is one of the first comprehensive "where to find them" volumes celebrating the world's best thrill rides.
The World's Wildest Roller Coasters (Built for Speed)
by Michael Burgan
Describes different kinds of roller coasters, their history and how they opperate and gives examples of each type.
Roller Coasters: United States and Canada
by Todd H. Throgmorton
From the wildest white-knuckle thriller to the tamest kiddie ride, this second edition includes twice as many roller coasters as the first edition.
Roller Coasters (Enthusiast Color)
by Mike Schafer
From wooden classics to serpentine monsters of steel, this full-color gallery shows and describes every roller coaster from every region of the U.S. 80 color illustrations.
The American Roller Coaster
by Scott Rutherford
From the anything but vertigo inducing roller coasters of the mid-19th century to today's twisted monsters of steel and wooden retro designs, this complete history rattles through all the ups and downs of coaster lore.
Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines
by Robert Coker
From fifteenth-century Russian slides to the original Coney Island Cyclone to modern-day steel gigacoasters like Cedar Point's Millennium Force, this breathtaking, fabulously illustrated guide offers a wild trip through the evolution of roller coasters. More than 150 awe-inspiring images.
Roller Coaster: Wooden and Steel Coasters, Twisters and Corkscrews
by David Bennett
A top rated book with excellent color photographs of roller coasters from around the United States.
Roller Coaster
by Marla Frazee
All sorts of people ride roller coasters, people over a certain height that is. Marla Frazee zooms in on one pony-tailed girl who has never experienced a roller coaster before, ever, in this start-to-finish ride. The anticipation builds much like it does in real-life: "S-l-o-w-l-y the train is... Recommended For Kids
Are You Chicken? A Coward's Guide to Roller Coasters.
by Robert Reynolds
Over fifty coasters are featured from the United States, most with color photos. Chapters include coaster theming, construction, manufacturers, night riding, and definitions.
The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster: A Pictorial History
by Eric Young
The Giant Dipper; A pictorial history details the story of the last remaining Prior and Church roller coasters.
Roller Coasters, Flumes and Flying Saucers
by Robert Reynolds
The story of Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon (Arrow Dynamics), inventors of the tubular steel roller coaster, flume ride, corkscrew roller coaster and many Disneyland and Walt Disney World ride systems. Recommended

Amusement Park Books


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For park guidebooks see Amusement & Theme Park Guidebooks

The American Amusement Park
by Dale Samuelson, Wendy Yegoiants
This marvelous photographic retrospective distills more than 100 years of sights, sounds and vertigo-inducing thrills associated with the American amusement park.
Amusement Parks of New Jersey
by Jim Futrell
This comprehensive guide profiles 17 major amusement parks in the Garden State. Complete information on rides and attractions is accompanied by dozens of vintage photographs and postcard scenes.
Amusement Parks of Pennsylvania
by Jim Futrell
Pennsylvania is home to many classic amusement parks, several of which began operating as early as the late nineteenth century. A comprehensive guide to 13 parks in the state and a selection of smaller ones, complete with information on the rides and attractions.
Amusement Parks of New York
by Jim Futrell
This comprehensive guide profiles 16 major amusement parks in the Empire State and offers information on smaller parks as well, with complete information on rides and attractions, a history of each park, and best times to go. Features vintage photographs and postcards scenes.
Cedar Point (Images of America)
by David W. Francis, Diane Demali Francis
Cedar Point, situated on a seven and three-quarter mile long peninsula, separates Lake Erie from Sandusky Bay. This book through photos details the history of one of America's most storied and popular amusement parks.
Dorney Park (Images of America)
by Wally Ely, Bob Ott
Dorney Amusement Park has been in existence since the 1880's in Allentown, PA. The book will contain images of the Castle Garden (a concert and dance hall), the swimming pool, the skating rink, the hotel complex, the roller coaster, the merry-go-round and all the other important rides in the park.
Idlewild (Images of America)
by Jeffrey S. Croushore
Located in the scenic Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania, America's third oldest amusement park, Idlewild, was founded in 1878 as a picnic ground along the Ligonier Valley Rail Road. Its tranquil setting quickly established Idlewild as the premier place for church, school, and corporate picnics, as well as families.
Kennywood (Images of America)
by David P. Hahner Jr.
For more than a century, Kennywood has been the Pittsburgh area's playground. Founded in 1898 at the terminus of the Monongahela Street Railway trolley line, the park quickly grew into a favorite summertime destination. Kennywood is unique in that it is one of the country's few successful trolley parks. In 1987, Kennywood was designated a National Historic Landmark and is known today as America's Finest Traditional Amusement Park.
Maryland's Amusement Parks (Images of America)
by Jason Rhodes
From Ferris wheels to roller coasters to tunnels of love, everyone has a favorite amusement park memory. For nearly 130 years, many of those memories have been made at Maryland's amusement parks. Today, only five exist, but throughout history, nearly three dozen have been part of Maryland's landscape. Images of America: Maryland's Amusement Parks offers a glimpse of those parks and how they helped millions quench their thirst for recreation.
Riverview Amusement Park (Images of America)
by Dolores Haugh
Every summer from 1904 to 1967, for 63 years, Riverview—the world's largest amusement park—opened its gates to millions of people from all walks of life. For three generations, the Schmidt's family park offered rides, shows, food, and music to men, women, and especially children.
Chippewa Lake Park (Images of America)
by David W. Francis, Diane DeMali Francis
In 1978, after more than 100 years of operation, Chippewa Lake Park joined the ghostly ranks of the last traditional amusement parks. Chippewa Lake Park keeps the memory of one of Ohio's longest-lived and best-loved amusement parks alive through vintage images and captivating history.
Willow Grove Park (Images of America)
by The Old York Road Historical Society
Willow Grove Park illustrates the fascinating history of one of America's most famous amusement parks. Willow Grove Park was built in 1896 as a way of encouraging people to ride the trolley on weekends.
Conneaut Lake Park (Images of America)
by Michael E. Costello
This book follows the history of this traditional amusement park in Pennsylvania. Conneaut Lake Park illustrates the evolution of this lakeside resort with images of long-gone attractions such as the Hotel Elmwood, Temple of Music, Jungle Cruise, Fairyland Forest, and Wild Mouse.
Bob-Lo Revisited
by Bill Rauhauser
This is a beautifully produced collection of 100 photographs of one of America's most unique and unforgettable amusement parks. Unique because it sat on an island in the Detroit River and required a steamship ride to get there and back again.
Cincinnati's Coney Island: America's Finest Amusement Park
by Charles J., Jr. Jacques, Karen Morrison (Designer), Gary S. Wachs
The history of Cincinnati's Coney Island Amusement Park, once one of America's finest amusement parks. This book includes historical images and the stories of the past.
Kennywood: Roller Coaster Capital of the World
by Charles J., Jr. Jacques
A look back at the Roller Coasters of Pittsburg's historic Kennywood Amusement Park.
More Kennywood Memories
Charles J., Jr. Jacques
Kennywood Amusement Park, is more than 100 years old and has been part of the author's life for the better part of the last 50 years. Jacques is the park's unofficial historian and shares memories of this American landmark in this book.
Good Old Coney Island: A Sentimental Journey into the Past
by Edo McCullough, Brian J. Cudahy (Introduction), Michael P. Onorato (Epilogue)
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: The Early Years - Never a Dull Moment
by Chandra Moira Beal, Richard Beal
Visit the historic Boardwalk through over 175 photographs, personal interviews, and extensively researched records in this first comprehensive book about the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Rekindle memories and meet the colorful characters that shaped the town's image as a world-class resort.
Denver's Elitch Gardens: Spinning a Century of Dreams
by Betty Lynne Hull
Memories and historical photos of Denver's beloved traditional amusement park, Elitch Gardens.
Coney Island: Lost and Found
by Charles Denson
Growing up on Coney Island in the '50s and '60s, Charles Denson experienced legendary amusements and attractions like the Cyclone and Thunderbolt roller coasters, the Parachute Jump, and Steeplechase Park. Denson gives us an insider's look at one of New York's best-known neighborhoods, weaving together memories of his childhood adventures with colorful stories of the area's past and interviews with local personalities, all brought to life by hundreds of photographs, detailed maps, and authentic memorabilia.
Cleveland Amusement Park Memories: A Nostalgic Look Back at Euclid Beach Park, Puritas Springs Park, Geauga Lake Park and Other Classic Parks
by David W. Francis, Diane DeMali Francis
For more than seventy-five years these boisterous, colorful, exciting meccas fulfilled the fantasies of entertainment-hungry Clevelanders. Each park had its own distinct personality, its own peculiarities, and its own alluring array of popular attractions. Each park had its own unique smells.
Lake Quinsigamond and White City Amusement Park (Images of America)
by Michael Perna Jr.
In the 1800s and well into the 1900s, the area around Lake Quinsigamond, in Shrewsbury and Worcester, was one huge summer resort. Hotels, ethnic and social clubs, boat clubs, a horse racing track, picnic grounds, and two amusement parks, Lincoln Park and White City Park, lined the shore.
Rochester, NY: Amusement Parks & Lakeside Resorts (Images of America)
by Donavan A. Shilling
Idora Park: The Last Ride of Summer
by Rick Shale, Charles J., Jr. Jacques

Walt Disney Theme Park Books


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For Disney Theme Park guidebooks see Amusement & Theme Park Guidebooks

Disneyland Detective: An Independent Guide to Discovering Disney's Legend, Lore, & Magic.
by Kendra Trahan, Dave Hawkins (Photographer)
This enthusiastic investigation of Disneyland's hidden treasures leads both first-time visitors and aficionados through the legendary theme park while pointing out tiny surprises around each turn. Helpfully organized as a reading tour, this guidebook features the whereabouts of many of Disneyland's secrets, including the locations of several "Hidden Mickeys," and original movie props that appear around the park.
Walt Disney World 4 Teens by Teens
by Kim Wright Wiley, Leigh Chandler Wiley
Want to have a great time at Disney World—beyond the typical kid's stuff? Walt Disney World 4 Teens by Teens is the first book to give you insider tips on the hottest parks and rides. Inside, you'll find fun hints, like how to get picked to be a stunt double on the Indiana Jones ride, what the best seats are on Countdown to Extinction, and more!
Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland
by David Koenig
A funny, interesting and sometimes disturbing look of what goes on behind the scenes at Disneyland, believed to be the happiest place on earth or maybe not. Recommended
More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland
by David Koenig
More stories and tales about what goes on behind the scenes at Disneyland. Some of these stories are just flat out of facinating. This is the sequel to the original Mouse Tales book.
Designing Disney's Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance
by Karal Ann Marling
A Photographers Life with Disneyland Under Construction
by Carlene Thie
Disney Early Years Through the Eye of a Photographer
by Carlene Thie
Disney Years Seen Through a Photographer's Lens
by Carlene Thie
101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland: An Unauthorized Look At The Little Touches And Inside Jokes
by Kevin Yee, Jason Schultz
You have probably heard a few "interesting facts" about Disneyland over the years. Perhaps you've heard that Walt Disney kept an apartment on Main Street? Or that there is a secret, members-only club in New Orleans Square? It's all true...

Universal Orlando Books

Universal Orlando with Kids: Your Ultimate Guide to Orlando's Universal Studios, CityWalk, and Islands of Adventure
by Kim Wright Wiley
Orlando's Universal Studios is one of the fastest-growing vacation resorts in North America. Bestselling travel author Kim Wright Wiley shows budget-conscious families how to get the most out of their trip to this exciting theme park.
Universal Orlando, 2005 Edition: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure
by Kelly Monaghan
All the latest on Universal Orlando's dynamic theme-park. Monaghan offers first hand, in-depth coverage of every attraction, hotel, restaurant, and shop. Insider tips and reviews spiced with wit and humor.

Rides and Carnival Game Boooks

Carnival Undercover
by Bret Witter
Entertaining, hilarious, and filled with hundreds of insider tips, this handbook will teach you how to win the biggest prize every time, identify the best seat on any ride, recognize the real freaks from the phonies, and create a carnival-quality funnel cake in your own home.
Carnival Secrets
by Matthew Gryczan
Learn the secrets of the games so you can win the carnival and midway games. This book is called the most informative of all on the subject of carnival games.
The Secrets of Amusement Park Games... Revealed! (Third Edition)
by Brian Richardson
Helpful tips to increase your chances of winning at amusement parks, midways and carnival games. Tips on how to win at a number of the most popular midway games are covered in this book.
Carnival Games - How They Work and How to Win
by Danny Gowler
Secrets to 38 of the most popular carnival games are exposed. Includes detailed instructions and illustrations on how to win games like Milk Can, Bushel Basket, Stop Sign, Darts, Ring the Bottle, Milk Bottles, Rope Ladder, Bottle Stand Up, Cover the Spot, and many more.
The Carousel Keepers: An Oral History of American Carousels
by Carrie Papa
The Carousel Keepers is a book for all who enjoyed the experiences of watching, hearing, and riding the wooden carousel during the golden age of American amusement history - and for those who continue to appreciate the carousel, or merry-go-round.
Ferris Wheels: An Illustrated History
by Norman Anderson
Anderson is clearly obsessed with the Ferris Wheel. He describes the conception and construction of the first example--at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893.

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