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Hey all! My name is Stuart and I have been into coasters for my whole life. They have always been a part of me. My first word was even "Bat" which is the name of a roller coaster at my home park PCW. My favourite coaster is Millennium Force at Cedar Point. My favourite coaster at my home park is SkyRider. I am also a big fan of flat rides. Sadly, I am the only coaster enthusiast in my family of seven, so going to other parks is hard. Oh well...

About Me

My Name: G Q

Location: Scarborough

Birthdate: November 10, 1996

Home Park: Paramount Canada's Wonderland

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My Blog

Off-Season is here

PKI TR is posted

SkyRider hits PKI

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My Favorite Roller Coasters

My Track Record: 50

My Favorite Roller Coasters

Millennium Force, Cedar Point

Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point

Raptor, Cedar Point

Flight Of Fear, Paramount's Kings Island

Mantis, Cedar Point

Beast, Paramount's Kings Island

Magnum, Cedar Point

Face/Off, Paramount's Kings Island

Space Mountain, WDW Orlando

SkyRider, Paramount Canada's Wonderland

My Favorite Roller Coasters

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