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Hi, my name is Chris, I'm a young Army vet that's just looking for a thrill. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to the theme park scene, but ever since I started going to parks there's no turning back. For me, the more intense the coaster is, the better the thrill. I love to take my mom, brother, and niece with me to the theme parks I travel to. My mom doesn't do the extreme coasters, but my brother, and niece are insane for thrills just like myself. The only thing that compares with a good coaster thrill for me, is Jaguar football. Go Jags!

About Me

My Name: Christopher Tompkins

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Birthdate: May 24, 1977

Home Park: Wild Adventures, USO, SWO, WDW

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My Favorite Roller Coasters

My Track Record: 239

My Favorite Roller Coasters

Voyage, Holiday World

Son of Beast w/loop (RIP), Kings Island

Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City

Millennium Force, Cedar Point

Legend, Holiday World

X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain

Dania Beach Hurricane (SBNO), Boomers

Skyrush, Hersheypark

El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure

Fahrenheit , Hersheypark

My Favorite Roller Coasters

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