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I'm Ethan. I love coasters. Period. I also love music, scouting, and penguins (although now I'm getting tired of the demoralization and commercialization of them since the release of "March of the Penguins"). Geauga Lake is my home park (forever, regardless), but my favorite park is Cedar Point. I have a coaster blog, so please check out all my entries! I haven't gotten the chance to visit all the parks I want to go to, but I have a lot of time to catch up. I have been an active member on the forums for a year now.(I started visiting the site long before).

About Me


My Name: Ethan

Location: Akron, OH

Birthdate: September 16, 1992

Home Park: Geauga Lake

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My Blog

Pennsylvania: 20 Coasters in 5 Days

Universal SOF/IOA TR!!!

My Report on Roller Coasters!

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My Favorite Roller Coasters

My Track Record: 62

My Favorite Roller Coasters

Steel: Millennium Force, Cedar Point

Fahrenheit, Hersheypark

Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood

Storm Runner, Hersheypark

Dueling Dragons: Fire, U's Islands of Adventure

Wood: Twister, Knoebels

Lightning Racer: Thunder, Hersheypark

Phoenix, Knoebels

Thunderbolt, Kennywood

Big Dipper, Geauga Lake

My Favorite Roller Coasters

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My Favorite Web Sites

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