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My Favorite Roller Coasters

My Track Record: 331

My Favorite Roller Coasters

Magnum XL-200/Phoenix, Cedar Point/Knoebels

Millennium Force/Boulder Dash, Cedar Point/Lake Compounce

Intimidator 305/El Toro, Kings Dominion/SFGAdv

Kumba/Legend, BGT/Holiday World

Bizarro/Voyage, SFNE/Holiday World

Superman: RoS/Gold Striker, Six Flags America/California's Great America

X/Ravine Flyer II, SFMM/Waldameer

Diamondback/Shivering Timbers, Kings Island/Michigan's Adventure

Apollo's Chariot/Thunderhead, BGW/Dollywood

Nitro/Screamin' Eagle, SFGAdv/Six Flags St. Louis

My Favorite Roller Coasters
My Favorite Web Sites

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