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Copyrights & Trademarks

All of the content featured on the® web site is protected by international and United States copyright and trademark laws, unless otherwise stated.


The brand name(s), title(s), Ultimate Rollercoaster®, Ultimate®®, The Ultimate Coaster Web Site™, ThrillWeb™, Where to Coast™ are trademarks of Ultimate Rollercoaster®, LLC.

The title(s), phrase(s) Ultimate Coaster Links (SM), Scream Award (SM), Roller Coaster Yellowpages (SM) are service marks used to identify services provided on this Web site.

These recognized trademarks ® ™ and service marks (SM), may not be used in any form or manner without the express written permission of the owner, Ultimate Rollercoaster®, LLC. Unauthorized use may constitute a violation of state, federal and international law. We reserve the right to seek damages for unauthorized use.


The information, content, images and code on the Ultimate Rollercoaster® Web site is the intellectual property of Ultimate Rollercoaster, LLC and is copyright © 1996-2013, unless otherwise stated. This includes, but is not limited to, all images, photographs, copy, written content, HTML and programming code. The content contained herein ( may not be used, sold, reproduced, mirrored, duplicated, distributed or copied in any form or manner, without the prior written consent of the owner, Ultimate Rollercoaster, LLC. Electronic mail (e-mail) is not considered an acceptable form of written consent.

Unless otherwise stated on the individual page, all photographs displayed on the Ultimate Rollercoaster® Web site are the property of Ultimate Rollercoaster®, LLC. All photographic material displayed on the site, regardless of ownership, may not be sold, reproduced, mirrored, duplicated or copied without the prior express written consent of the respective owner.

For all materials and content used by the Ultimate Rollercoaster®, but owned by another, permission must be first obtained from the rightful owner before any part may be copied, distributed, reproduced, sold or used. The author of the work retains all rights. In any case, regardless of consent, content may not be mirrored from the Web server hosting the Ultimate Rollercoaster Web site at

Requesting Permission

You must obtain permission before you may use any of the content featured on the Ultimate Rollercoaster Web site. To request permission, please send your written request to:

Ultimate Rollercoaster, LLC
200 Congress Ave #24B
Austin, TX 78701

All requests must be specific in regards to the content to be used, type of usage and the time period of use. Fees may be required for commercial usage.

Please note that we do not obtain, nor provide property or model releases for photographs. Therefore, if permission is granted, it is your responsibility prior to use to verify and obtain model releases or a property release if required from the location owner.

Questions and Comments

Please Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding our Copyrights and Trademarks.

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