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Breathtaking Millennium Force Pics(Never Seen)


4/15/00 at
1:05:05 PM

Before the season opens there are a few shots of Millennium Force that are simply astounding in all aspects, check em out, images include, pull through, top of lift and many others


Those Are Great, C2K! by AtlantaCoaster at 4/15/00 2:06:06 PM

Thanks for sharing...

Best Regards, Bill M. / AtlantaCoaster

Re: Breathtaking Millennium Force Pics(Never Seen) by Bds at 4/15/00 3:27:07 PM

Where!? I can't find it on your page, your page is too confusing. All I found was MF construction pictures from during the winter. Please point where the pictures are.


Re: Breathtaking Millennium Force Pics(Never Seen) by C2K at 4/15/00 3:46:44 PM

They are the winter pics, it kinda has a little from each part of the winter up till the pull-through, heres a direct link

Millennium Force Pics

Re:WOW! by Giff at 4/15/00 6:10:28 PM

This ride makes me nervous, that one hell of a drop!

Those pics give you a new found fear in this thing by OhioMike at 4/16/00 1:07:50 PM

Those pics gave me a new prospective on it, but I was confused I thought hill, 3 was smaller than 4, guess I was wrong. But just looking at those. Sorta puts a shiver in you, that i haven't noticed intill now.