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What are some coasters that every enthusiast MUST ride?

JacobTheCoasterhead JacobTheCoasterhead Profile

7/27/17 at
12:53:25 PM

As an enthusiast with only 47 credits as of this writing, I wold like to know some roller coasters that I absolutely must ride before I die.

Re: What are some coasters that every enthusiast MUST ride? by frontrow frontrow Profile at 7/27/17 3:02:15 PM
As enthusiasts we all have different tastes in coasters that we like. I travel North America to different parks with my kids. I have ridden 420 different coasters and my kids have ridden 355 different coasters in The US and Canada. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite wooden and steel coasters.

1) Lightning Rod/ Dollywood
2) El Toro/ Six Flags Great Adventure
3) Outlaw Run/ Silver Dollar City
4) Boulder Dash/ Lake Compounce
5) Voyage/ Holiday World
6) Goliath/ Six Flags Great America
7) Ravine Flyer II/ Waldameer
8) Phoenix/ Knoebels
9) Mystic Timbers/ Kings Island
10) Rampage/ Alabama's Adventure
Note: Hades at Mount Olympus would have come in at #7, but I only ridden it in its original form. They have converted it into Hades 360. I haven't ridden it since the conversion, therefore I cannot properly rank it. The original form of Hades was top 10 wooden coaster quality.

1) Intimidator 305/ Kings Dominion
2) Skyrush/ Hershey Park
3) Superman/ Six Flags New England
4) Storm Chaser/ Kentucky Kingdom
5) Maverick/ Cedar Point
6) Wicked Cyclone/ Six Flags New England
7) Fury 325/ Carowinds
8) Behemoth/ Canada's Wonderland
9) Lightning Run/ Kentucky Kingdom
10) Titan/ Six Flags Over Texas

Now if you would ask my kids for their top 10, it would probably be much different from mine. My advice is to check out the internet and YouTube videos.