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New Texas Giant Vs. Twisted Colossus

rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile

3/9/17 at
9:22:58 PM

I'm going to Six Flags Over Texas in a couple weeks and I was just curious on how New Texas Giant compares to Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain? I rode that on thanksgiving and thought it was a brilliant coaster that was the best hybrid that I've rode. With the massive air time and long time on the coaster i found it perfect. I've watched a few videos of New Texas Giant and while the airtime looks great it also looks like it is lacking the same great qualities as Twisted Colossus had. Is this an accurate assumption or do the videos just not do it justice?


Re: New Texas Giant Vs. Twisted Colossus by frontrow frontrow Profile at 3/20/17 7:26:54 AM
I love RMC coasters, but I haven't ridden New Texas Giant or Twisted Colossus. I never been to California, and when I visited Texas, Texas Giant was still a wooden coaster. The RMC coasters that I have ridden are Lightning Rod, Outlaw Run, Goliath, Wicked Cyclone, and Storm Chaser. All 5 are in my top 15 favorite coasters. I've read great reviews on New Texas Giant. Six Flags Over Texas is a really nice park, with a really good coaster collection. I hope you enjoy your trip.
Re: New Texas Giant Vs. Twisted Colossus by rollercoastersfreak rollercoastersfreak Profile at 3/20/17 3:48:56 PM
Sadly I just found out today that I had the dates wrong and the one day I was available to go the park is actually closed. The only ones I've rode were Tiwsted Colossus and Iron Rattler. Both are great and Twisted Colossus is easily in my top 5. If not close to 1. There is just so much ride time and air time. Instead of having the dual tracks like Colossus use to have it's just one long track that is connected. So you get the experi nice of both sides
Re: New Texas Giant Vs. Twisted Colossus by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 3/21/17 11:48:15 AM
yeah, I really, really liked Twisted Colossus. About the only drawback to the ride was my 10 year old nephew who was experiencing his first really "big" coaster, so there was distraction watching and worrying about him a bit. And we didn't get a chance for a reride because the line got long quick. But it was an incredible, awesome ride that I hope I get a chance to do again at some point.

My memories of Texas Giant are from 20 years ago, so they're a bit hazy, and certainly not the RMC version. :-)

Re: New Texas Giant Vs. Twisted Colossus by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 4/13/17 1:36:22 PM
I like the New Texas Giant better for several reasons.

The Gerstlauer rolling stock is superior to the RMC built trains. There is a big difference in comfort with the lapbar restraints and seat design. Gerstlauer builds them better.

Second, the lift hill midway through the roller coaster kills the pacing of the experience. This ride starts out wild and the last thing you need is a break halfway through the experience. What would've made it better was a launched lift hill.

Finally, the first and second halves of the ride are just too short. Colossus used to be a really long roller coaster and now Twisted Colossus just feels short all together. Just when Twisted Colossus gets fun you hit the second lift hill. Same thing on the second half, you're in the brake run far too soon.

My vote goes for New Texas Giant. I even prefer Iron Rattler and Wicked Cyclone over TC too.