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King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion

Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile

3/25/14 at
11:29:30 AM

With all the recent news that keeps coming out for King's Dominion, I must admit that I have kind of a warped opinion on what the park is doing for the 40th anniversary.

With that being said, I'm okay with there not being a major addition being added to KD this year. However, I feel like a lot of the things that the park is bringing back are things that the park failed to perform general upkeep on in the past.

I realize that many of the themed additions did not really fit into the themeing during the Paramount years.

While I do not know when or why the singing mushrooms, the clown band, the large apples in the grove, and the floral clock were removed from the park, I feel like there is a responsibility to keep the charm that is/was King's Dominion in tact.

I love King's Dominion and have been going there since I was a young child. KD is my favorite seasonal park and I make several trips to the park each year.

Other additions such as painting all of International Street, Anaconda being repainted, the Wagon Wheel being added back to the flume, and even the upgrade to the fountains... these are things that the park should be doing every few years and not because it's the 40th anniversary.

I welcome the park bringing back some of the nostalgia from the hey day of the park, but am I the only one that feels like most of these "additions" should've been maintained over the years?


Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by RobLec RobLec Profile at 3/25/14 12:41:53 PM
King's Island's 40th anniversary addition was a new entrance to the water park (yeah) and a second wave pool. While all of that may have been needed to keep ahead of the other water park across the street, for most of the GP it was probably a yawner. I guess with them adding new coasters every few years, there maybe would not have been anything special about adding another ride.
Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by depotrat at 3/25/14 6:02:26 PM
^^ It is a whole new management group. They have recognized some things you lost in the past and are bringing them back as part of the celebratiion for a whole new generation to enjoy and to the delight of their older customers.

I'm not a local so I maybe I don't get it, but I would be thanking them not criticizing them! You say maintain these attractions, but how could these folks do that when they did not own the park back then?

Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by Great_Ump Great_Ump Profile at 3/25/14 8:34:18 PM
depotrat said:

You say maintain these attractions, but how could these folks do that when they did not own the park back then?

That's a great point I didn't consider.


Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by frontrow frontrow Profile at 3/29/14 9:56:26 AM
I'm strongly considering a Kings Dominion/ Busch Gardens trip this year. Intimadator 305 is my favorite steel coaster. We were at both parks in 2012, but didn't visit last year. We had tentative plans to stop at Kings Dominion at the end of our big 7 park trip last year. Intimadator 305 was down, so I didn't bother stopping.
Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by antikythera antikythera Profile at 3/29/14 7:04:34 PM
This is how management explained it to us at the Fall Thrillfest event last year when we were told that they were going to do a huge two year 40th Anniversary Celebration.

They have been polling people for a while as to what they would like to see Kings Dominion be as they enter their 40's. A lot of the response from the general public was they missed the charm that the park brought to the area when it was under the original owners back in the "golden years".

The current management realizes that a lot of stuff was mismanaged under Paramount -- as a way to make amends and really adhere to the general public's demand, they decided to take things back to a simpler time.

Successfully, they got corporate to back them on it, partly due to the fact that Cedar Fair is seeing the value of a family atmosphere under its new leadership.

Kings Dominion has been surprising me with how much they actually listen to their fanbase which includes not only us junkies but the general public as well.

I truly believe this is what they have needed for a long time to stand out from the bunch and I can easily see them becoming another destination park that rivals their closest neighbor(BGW) and their bigger, renown cousin(CP).

With Cedar Fair backing all the various projects at KI, CW, and Carowinds, I can see them becoming a powerhouse on the east coast, one that actually understands what the public wants, instead of the flawed early-2000 thinking Six Flags/Paramount had i.e. build bigger, forget values and they will come.

Re: King's Dominion's 40th Celebration - An Unusual Opinion by PkD4Life PkD4Life Profile at 4/7/14 1:21:14 PM
We went opening day and the park looked great. From the new look of main street, to the flora clock, to the mushrooms...everything truly looks amazing.

Everything that is except the improvements to Volcano's line. Now I will give them a pass since it was opening day, however the new design of the entrance and load area made for a longer wait then in years past. But the more I look at it the more I have realized that there truly is no way to improve that. KD is hampered by the original design of the load/unload station and these lines are just here to stay.