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Theme Park Studio

antikythera antikythera Profile

5/14/13 at
12:09:47 PM

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I'm sure you've seen the numerous updates they post on Facebook and their Kickstarter campaign they are running:

I'm liking what I'm seeing -- has anyone else contributed to it and what are your thoughts of the game/company/etc?

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Re: Theme Park Studio by Jumbo-Jet Jumbo-Jet Profile at 5/15/13 9:18:48 PM
I've been following Theme Park Studio on Facebook and I can't wait until its release! The two main things I'm concerned about are the difficulty of ride/park construction (due to the life-like detail) and the price. Besides being able to custom build all the rides...including the flat rides, I hope there is a huge selection of pre-built rides (flat rides and coasters), where it can be played like Roller Coaster Tycoon.
Re: Theme Park Studio by antikythera at 5/22/13 11:57:46 PM
I opted to contribute to the Kick Starter, considering they were offering the game for as low as a $20 donation. Figured, even if it's a flop, it's not breaking the bank.
Re: Theme Park Studio by mugen828 at 6/18/13 9:27:34 AM
Just took a look and this looks interesting as hell!

One thing though, while watching, it looks like the customization is amazing, but also a bit much. I don't want to have to worry about physics of a pendulum and have to build something like that from scratch. It'd be cool if they had a preset flat ride, and I could choose from 100's of different pieces to make mine unique, as well as having the option to build from scratch. That might be a bit too much to ask, but hey, that's what would win the hardcore, and casual player.

Looks like they reached their goal. I hope to play this when it comes out, which is...when?

- mugen828
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Re: Theme Park Studio by antikythera at 6/19/13 1:09:06 PM
They are aiming for January with a beta release in November. Since I contributed so much, I'm guaranteed a spot in the beta so I'll let you know how it goes.