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Will this reccession be any worse than the ones in the 1970s & 80s??


10/27/01 at
12:59:11 AM

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I work for a mail order company called Fingerhut(I have a better name for it but I can NOT put it in print on a family board) and I am worried about losing my job of 17 1/2 year after Christmas and is trying to find a second job but now I hear about 7 Elevens and McDonald's laying off people on another post on the US Parks URC message board and I am worried that I will lose my house and everything if conditions don't improve within the next 6-18 months! BTW I live in central MN and things don't seemed that bad here yet other than at Fingerhut! But ALL the news seems so bad and ZERO encouragement! Everything looks so bleak and I am afraid that life will go down the tubes FOREVER!!! :-( I need to hear some reliable good economic news for a change! A few months to under a year may not be so bad but everyone is acting like this is so much more worse than any reccesion I have seen in the last 30+ years(I am 39)so I fear another 1930s type depression! :-( I am worried that most parks will close like after the 1920s!!