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What do you think would work in a Nintendo theme park?


1/12/12 at
3:29:24 AM

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What do you think would work in a Nintendo theme park?

What do you think the chances of Disney opening a "digital" or "Nintendo Licensed" theme park? probably zero... it would interfere with Epcot.

but the concept non the less.

The site icon would be a giant mickey holding a game controller. The gate to the park would be a TV screen. As you enter you feel as if you are being put into a video game or being digitized into the digital world.

From the tron section you split off to 4 separate areas including the The Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, The city of Hyrule, and Mute City.

The concept behind this theme park is that each of the main cast of Disney; Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald; are playing each of the 4 worlds.

In the Mushroom Kingdom Mickey helps Mario & Luigi along in their journeys to meet various characters in the world.

In Bowser's Kingdom Goofy finds himself stuck in the world with Luigi and needs to find a way out.

In Hyrule Donald is trying to help locate the Tri-force with link.

In Mute City Minnie is Racing and hunting with captain falcon and Samus.

The ending show is Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald get captured by Browser, and Ganon. (...and Mother Brain). Mario, Luigi, Link and Samus attempt to save them and when Samus and link are defeated and Mario and Luigi are on their last legs, mickey tells them to wish upon a star, Mario then talks about the power of the stars, and when they all wish to the stars a super star falls from the sky and Mario grabs it and used the star power to defeat them.

After an hour there is an end of the day parade through the mushroom kingdom.
Two float ideas are:
-- Bowser defeated upside down and moaning on a float.
-- Gannon in shackles
-- Princess peach, Mario and Luigi on a float together
-- Link on a float with princess Zelda
-- A float that looks like Samus should be on it but she isn't. maybe a projection of her is on the float.
-- The final float would be Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. with game over.

Some more ideas to come.

Re: What do you think would work in a Nintendo theme park? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 2/19/12 6:28:24 PM
I don't think Disney would license the Nintendo brand and franchises, but I wouldn't count out another theme park operator from doing so.

Duck Hunt The Ride

Re: What do you think would work in a Nintendo theme park? by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/12/12 2:25:57 PM
Big Nintendo fan here, so I'd love a park like that!

It would be hard to fit rides to the games, but my favourite series from them are Zelda and Metroid (quite a lot more than the others), as well as Mario and F-Zero.

Take Zelda, for instance. Do you base a ride on Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker or one of the others? How about a river raft ride inspired by the ones in the 2D games like Link's Awakening?

Perhaps Spider-Man type simulator rides would be the best choices for Metroid and Zelda? Hard to say!

Re: What do you think would work in a Nintendo theme park? by AngryGumball at 8/16/13 2:59:01 AM
I know this is an old thread but figured I'd bring it back to life...Something I always visioned for a Nintendo themed park..and could potentially become an RCT project (or Theme Park Studio when I get my hands on it) in the future:

-DK barrels (Intamin ZacSpin)
-Legend of Zelda dark ride
-F Zero launched coaster, either Premier, Mack, or Intamin
-Starfox (Indoor flying coaster, Vekoma or B&M?)
-Metroid dark ride (shooting of course)
-Mario Karts (Go karts)
-Yoshi moto-coaster
-Mario pipe-themed water park/slides
-Pokemon family coaster
-Luigi's Mansion (dark ride/ghost train)
-DK Mine Cart (Wooden coaster, out & back)

That's all I can think of for now.