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Brandon Bishton opens ex-Metroland Wave Swinger in Glasgow


12/22/08 at
8:26:49 PM

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Myself and Niall visted the Winterfest at George Square in the centre of Glasgow where Brandon Bishton for the past few weeks has been open for the first time with Zierer Wave Swinger.

As some of you may know the ride was new to Metroland in 1988. The machine was brought in the spring this year when the park closed. The ride has had a trailer put under it which the entrie machine will pack onto when in transit.

the ride has also increased in capacity with the adition of four double seats replacing some of the single seats which have proved extremely popular dispite a 30 minute wait for them.

Myself and Niall have done some extensive coverage of the ride from last weekend and you can view our photos and video here



Re: Brandon Bishton opens ex-Metroland Wave Swinger in Glasg by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 12/23/08 5:03:54 PM

I know it's not the Christmas hootch speaking, but I swear I've read this report already today elsewhere. No matter, this is good I think. Anyword on what is to happen to Metroland's unique Rollercoaster?