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Luna Park

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Coney Island's newest roller coaster is located near the historic B&B Carousel and new Steeplechase Plaza. Thunderbolt obtained its name from the original wooden coaster that operated on this site from 1925 to 1982. In its new incarnation the Thunderbolt features a 115-foot tall vertical lift hill followed by nearly a half-mile of steel track that is twisted into several thrilling inversions and airtime producing hills.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2014 Steel Looping Zamperla

Roller Coaster Stats

Angle Of Descent: 90 degrees G-force: 4.3 G's
Height: 115 feet Inversions: 3
Length: 2,234 feet Trains: 3 - 9 passenger
Top Speed: 56 mph

Thunderbolt Facts

Vertical Lift Hill

Inversions: 100-foot Vertical Loop, 80-foot Zero-G Roll, Immelman

Opening date: June 14, 2014

Estimated cost: $10 million

Individual car has three rows each, seating three abreast per row.

Where to Coast

Visit Luna Park to ride this attraction.

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