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Superman Ultimate Flight

Six Flags Over Georgia

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Superman Ultimate Flight adventure begins as passengers board the sleek, 28-seat trains sitting four abreast. As the train exits the station, passengers tilt face-first into a flying position, suspended from the track above. The anticipation builds as passengers, secured by specially designed over-the-shoulder restraints and lap bars, climb the 106-foot lift hill with nothing but a bird's eye view below. Upon take-off, the ride enters a series of sharp dives, high banked curves and spirals uniquely designed to enhance the flying experience. Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Over Georgia was the first B&M Flying coaster in the United States.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2002 Steel Flying, Multielement Bolliger & Mabillard

Roller Coaster Stats

Drop: 100 feet Height: 106 feet
Inversions: 2 Length: 2,759 feet
Trains: 3 - 28 passenger Ride Time: 2 minutes
Top Speed: 51 mph

Superman Ultimate Flight Facts

Fact: Features the first-ever "pretzel-shaped inverted loop" inversion.

Elements: 78-foot tall Pretzel Loop, Horseshoe, In-Line Twist

Train has seven cars with one row each, seating four abreast per row.

Ride capacity: 54 passengers per hour

Where to Coast

Visit Six Flags Over Georgia to ride this attraction.

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