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Steel Venom

Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom

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Steel Venom is the world's first vertical impulse roller coaster. Designed by Intamin AG, this LIM launched steel coaster features a 'U' shape layout with two vertical spikes at opposite ends. Steel Venom pushes you face first spiraling in the air and then releases you backwards for a thrill unlike ever before. The forward or front vertical spike twists as it rises up 181-feet. The rear spike is a straight 90-degree ascent and features a magnetic brake that catches the train, holding it for a few seconds while surprising unsuspecting riders. Steel Venom does not form a complete circuit and therefore is called a shuttle coaster as trains travel both fowards and backwards on the track.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2000 Steel Impulse, Inverted Shuttle Intamin AG

Roller Coaster Stats

Angle Of Descent: 90 degrees Drop: 181 feet
Height: 181 feet Launch: LIM
Length: 640 feet Trains: 1 - 28 passenger
Top Speed: 70 mph

Steel Venom Facts

Features: U-shape layout with two vertical spikes at opposite ends; Forward spiraling vertical spike.

2004 - Renamed after Cedar Fair purchases the park from Six Flags. The former Superman Ultimate Escape name is changed to Steel Venom.

2006 - Final operating year at Geauga Lake. In February 2007, Steel Venom was removed and placed in storage. Cedar Fair says it will relocate the ride to another park in the future.

Train has fourteen cars with one row each, seating two abreast per row.

Where to Coast

Visit Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom to ride this attraction.

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