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Board the tallest, fastest roller coaster at Hersheypark. Skyrush climbs 200 feet into the air before beginning an ultra-steep descent at an 85 degree angle. The roller coaster reaches a top speed of 75 miles-per-hour to propel it through four high-speed, banked curves and five airtime hills. Skyrush also features the first winged seat coaster trains in the United States.

Roller Coaster Details

Year Track Type Designer
2012 Steel Hypercoaster Intamin AG

Roller Coaster Stats

Angle Of Descent: 85 degrees Height: 200 feet
Length: 3,600 feet Trains: 2 - 32 passenger
Top Speed: 75 mph

Skyrush Facts

Opening date: May 26, 2012

Train has eight cars with one row each, seating four abreast per row.

Height requirement: Riders must be at least 54 inches tall

Where to Coast

Visit Hersheypark to ride this attraction.

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