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Images for the X2 roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

X Roller Coaster Sign
X2 1
X First Drop
X2 2
Zoomed In X First Drop
X2 3
X First Drop
X2 4
Riders Dive Face First
X2 5
X First Descent
X2 6
X2 Raven Turn
X2 7
X Fan Turn
X2 8
Half Twist Forward Flip
X2 9
X2 Half Twist Forward Flip From Below
X2 10
Close Up Half Twist Forward Flip
X2 11
Rollercoaster Facts
X2 Facts

X was the first roller coaster of its kind in the world.

For the first time ever riders are seated in prototype vehicles that spin independently 360-degrees forwards and backwards on a separate axis.

X's prototype vehicles manage incredible elements including Raven turns, one front flip, one twisting front flip and two back flips.

In 2008, the X coaster was renamed, rethemed and reopened as X2.

Ride Specs
Height: 190 feet
Max drop: 215 feet
Descent angle: 88.5°
G-force: 4.0 G's
Top speed: 76 mph
Length: 3,610 feet
Inversions: 2

Ride Maker
Arrow Dynamics

Full Coaster Stats

Ride Location
Six Flags Magic Mountain

Photos by Eric Gieszl. Copyright © 2002 Ultimate Rollercoaster.
X logo courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain. All rights reserved.