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Funtown Amusement Pier


Seaside Park, New Jersey

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Located at Boardwalk and Porter Avenue in Seaside Park is this amusement park pier on the Jersey Shore. Funtown Amusement Pier has for more than 77 years used the ocean view as the backdrop for its collection of amusement rides and attractions. Thrill-seekers can ride a looping roller coaster over the ocean waves breaking beneath or board a 225-foot tall freefall ride named Tower of Fear. Funtown Amusement Pier's Giant Wheel affords riders breathtaking views of the surrounding beach and New Jersey shoreline. The park also has a large collection of kiddie and family rides. During the summer months a Fireworks display lights up the sky every Wednesday night.

Funtown Amusement Pier Roller Coasters

Roller Coaster Year Track Designer
Mighty Mouse 2005 Steel Miler Coaster, Inc.
Funtown Family Coaster 2004 Steel Miler Coaster, Inc.
Dragon Wagon 2002 Steel Wisdom Industries
Loop Roller Coaster Steel Interpark

Park Information

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1930 Boardwalk, Seaside Park, NJ 08752 – United States
Telephone: (732) 830-7437

Official Web Site:

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